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Not only do I like the bolder taste, but it reminds me of my childhood when my mama or grandma used to take big mason jars and put the teabags inside with the tea tags hanging from the side then filled them with water. They would place it outside directly in the sun for hours. Once the tea was done they'd bring it back inside, add sugar and pour it over ice. We call it "sweet tea".

In most sun tea recipes, there are certain varieties of tea used. Other than the size of the leaves, each option of brewing offers its own unique flavors.

•Cold brew- usually the tea may not be as bold in taste, but still good and flavor filled.

•Tea bags- This is the most common way that people use to make sun tea. Usually the tea bags use the crushed leftover parts of the tea bush. The flavor is much stronger and bolder than cold brew.

•loose leaf- This is often most preferred by tea enthusiasts. It’s because larger, intact leaves contain more rich flavors.

No matter what sun tea brewing style you end up choosing, it’s important to maintain the right ratio of tea to water. The sweet spot is 6-8 ounces of tea for every cup of water.

▪︎Choose your container, then bring on the sunlight. The perfect time for brewing tea is between three and five hours. If it does not have enough time and the oxygenation, then the process doesn’t fully complete. Remember too much time, and the tea can be “overcooked,” giving it a slightly burnt aftertaste. 

*Note: different brands have different cook times, and you might need to experiment before you find that perfect amount of time.

▪︎Finally, place your tea into a direct sunlight. This will ensure that the entire pot of tea is brewed all the way through.Then pour over some ice, even add some fresh or frozen fruit for an elevated experience..and ENJOY!

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