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Teas, herbs & spices have been around for centuries and was used in spiritual practices, used as medicine to bring healing, health and balance to lives. They were also enjoyed shared amongst others. Serving a cup of tea to your guests, family and friends was a honor.
Now more than ever, it is being re -incorporated into the lives of people as an alternative way to living a well balanced life. Through "Love In A Cup" I bring that same healing, love and idea to others through teas and my herbal blends. Teas & herbs are not just enjoyable & healing, but also as a way of life.
Hypothyroid is a well known form of thyroid disease. How do I know? I had been diagnosed with it which caused me to learn more about it. In doing so I learned how common this autoimmune challenge is and how many people have been affected by it and the number has grown. 
People who deal with the challenges of this autoimmune challenge suffer from debilitating symptoms like:
- weight gain
-hair loss
-brain fog
The list goes on.....
Is there hope? Yes! The interesting thing is that hypothyroidism is not an incurable condition. Yes! You heard me correctly...It's not incurable. It certainly can be uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with, but it's not incurable. How do I know? I'm a living testimony of it. 
"What's my story?" Well l
 was diagnosed with thyroid challenges. Actually the first diagnosis I received, the Endocrinologist said I was hyperthyroid, which means your thyroid is over active and produces too much of a hormone called "thyroxine". I was confused, because I wasn't "skinny", I wasn't losing any weight, as a matter of fact I was gaining it. 
 I was experiencing some soreness in my throat that I had examined. The results showed that I had a growth and several goiters on the right hand side of my thyroid. Thankfully they were benign.
However, I had to have surgery to remove the growths and goiters. After the surgery, I became hypothyroid. My Endocrinologist wanted to put me on medication. This caused me to consider other ways...specifically natural ways to treat my symptoms in addition to living a healthier life. This caused me to consider and adjust the way that I ate and what I put in and on to my body. I also had to heal not just my physical body, but it also caused me to pay attention and pay attention to heal my mental, emotional and spiritual being as well. Which has been a process and journey that I am still moving through. The growth and evolution is ongoing. Healing is not linear it is winding, bumpy, and so many different things.
During this time is when my love affair for teas and herbal teas or "tisanes" developed....I began to drink teas, not just drink them but start creating herbal blends for myself. I began to learn so much about tea and herbs that turned into a practice and ritual for me. I meditate with tea, I cook with tea, I soak in tea. The process of preparing tea and herbal blends has also taught me to pour into myself, to affirm myself, to be patient with myself and where I'm at, to show myself grace that has allowed me to pour into others. 
I've come to let you know that you can do the same! You can heal through teas and herbs. You can incorporate the practice of tea and herbs into your life and experience healing, hope, joy and peace in your life. I am here to support, connect and empower you, mind, body and spirit through tea and herbal infusions. I am here to show you how to pour into yourself so that you are strengthened to live in your being. This will allow you to feel truly purpose-filled. 
You can start doing this for yourself by enjoying these tea vibes...Love In A Cup. It's very simple and easy and can support your your whole being, to help you start feeling better inside and out. 
By no means am I a doctor or a therapist, nor am I here to diagnose any ailments that you are experiencing. But I am here as a certified intuitive/empowement coach, herbal and tea expert to serve you based on my experience, my intuitive gifts, education, practices, powered by the Divine and my ancestors that teas and herbal blends are essential to improving your over all well-being. In addition to self-love, communi-tea, accountability and support. Those can be some of the most powerful contributors to your body, mind and spirit healing as well. 
Remember, we are ultimately responsible for our own growth, healing and well being. You are a whole being, not your disease, or what ails you. Dealing with whatever is challenging you, changing your lifestyle doesn't just require you changing your eating habits, quick fixes or doing it one time, or even drinking herbal teas or taking medicine. Make sure you are also taking care of "YOU"...all of you!
That YOU 
P- Practice self-compassion
O- Open yourself to possibilities 
U- Understand & accept yourself 
R- Refocus your energy on caring for yourself to live your best life. 
That encompasses more then just your physical health, but also your mental, emotional and spiritual health which can either facilitate your healing or hinder it....Just some food for thought.
Sending Love Where ever it's needed....Happy Sipping!
Tiffany Nakatani 
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