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Whether you want something to warm you up in the winter or cool you down in the summer, herbal tea can be consumed year-around. Since it's a delicious beverage at any temperature. 

The health benefits can also be enjoyed regardless of whether you drink it hot or cold. 

Here are some reasons as to why it's good for you:

  1. It Can Help You Unwind- Peppermint tea, Chamomile tea, Lemon balm tea
  2. Tea Boosts Your Immune System- Dandelion tea, Ginseng tea, Licorice tea, Cayenne tea
  3. Tea Can Help Reduce Pain and Soreness-Turmeric tea, Feverfew tea
  4. Tea Can Improve Your Digestive System- Ginger tea, Chamomile tea, Chai tea
  5. It Stimulates Brain Function- "Tulsi" Holy Basil tea, Ginger root tea, Ginko Biloba tea
  6. Like Water It's Calorie-Free- Tea is a better-tasting alternative to water that is still calorie-free. While studies on the direct effects of tea on weight loss are still on-going, tea can be a tasty replacement for plain water throughout the day. Keep in mind that while tea itself is calorie-free, adding extras such as sugar or honey can up the calories.

Herbal tea is an easy and simple way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday life....Let's drink to that!

Sending Love Wherever It's Needed,

-Tiffany Nakatani, Love In A Cup

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