Custom tea blends & herbs

Herbs & spices have been around for centuries and were used to bring healing, health and balance to lives. More so now it is being re -incorporated into the lives of people as an alternative way to living a well balanced life. Through "Love In A Cup" I bring that same healing, love and idea to others through teas and my herbal blends. Herbs give so much health & healing, not just that, but also as a way of life.
































































































































































































































































 Love In A Cup is driven by my own experience with my health, specifically with my thyroid. It drove me to research natural ways of strengthening and healing my body...and alleviating my challenges with my thyroid through natural herbs and spices, changing habits in my life that were not serving me, eating foods that were energetically beneficial to my body, taking time to nurture my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being that lead me to my love for teas, herbs and spices. Specifically, herbal teas and blends that assist with promoting health, but also, are enjoyable to drink. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Herbs offer so much balance, beauty and sanity to the mind, body and soul. I want to present this way of life through my herbal tea blends. Beneficial to the body, soothing to the mind and good for the soul....This is the embodiment of "Love In A Cup".